The Great Discover Sci-Fi Signed Paperback Giveaway

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Enter the Discover Sci-Fi Signed Paperback Giveaway.

In the latest giveaway from Discover Sci-Fi you could win the GRAND PRIZE of 48 signed paperbacks from the 12 authors behind DSF: Matthew Mather, Nick Webb, Samuel Peralta, Jay Allan, Bobby Adair, Lindsay Buroker, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Joshua Dalzelle, Daniel Arenson, Evan Currie, Jasper T. Scott & Steven Konkoly. 

That’s 4 signed paperback from each of us, delivered straight to your front door!

PLUS 100 RUNNER UP PRIZES of a 12-pack of eBooks – one from each of our authors!

And EVERYONE who signs up automatically gets ten digital books from this selection of authors, right away. A link to your free books will be emailed to you as soon as you sign up.

The Signed Paperback List:

Matthew Mather:
Bobby Adair:
Books 1-4 of the Freedom’s Fire Series
Jay Allan:
Duel in the Dark
Call to Arms
Ruins of Empire
Echoes of Glory
Nicholas Sansbury Smith:
Books 1-4 of the Extinction Cycle Series
Steven Konkoly:
Hot Zone
Fractured State
The Perseid Collapse
Event Horizon
Samuel Peralta:
The Future Chronicles: Special Edition
Clones: The Anthology
Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far
UnCommon Origins
Daniel Arenson: 
Books 1-4 of the Earthrise Series
Nick Webb:
Books 1-4 of the Legacy Fleet Trilogy
Joshua Dalzelle:
Black Fleet Trilogy
Omega Force Book 1
Evan Currie:
Odyssey One Series: Books 1-4
Lindsay Buroker*:
Books 1-4 of the Fallen Empire Series
Jasper T. Scott*:
Dark Space Universe
Dark Space Universe: The Enemy Within
Dark Space Universe: The Last Stand
Broken Worlds: The Awakening 


Good luck!


* Due to lack of shipping solutions from our two nomad authors, Jasper and Lindsay’s books will unfortunately not be signed copies.

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