So you want to fly to Alpha Centauri…

Fictional Propulsion. You want to get there, and you want to get there fast. How do you do it? Well if you're Dale Earnhart Jr., you stomp down on the accelerator. If you're Usain Bolt, you push balls-to-the-wall and run like the wind. If you're Lance Armstrong, you dope up and hope no one notices. […]

Science, Progress, and Science Fiction

As a novelist I often get categorized as a ‘hard’ science fiction writer, which I’ve never been entirely certain fit because I absolutely make use of the customary handwavium and even the occasional Unubtanium. Of course, I do try to at least explain my speculative technologies within the framework of real scientific hypotheses and theories… […]

It's All About Light

In just three years from now, we will mark the fifty-year anniversary of man’s first setting foot on the moon.  Fifty years!  It’s gone fast.  Too fast.  The 70’s and 80’s were full of visionaries projecting that we would have bases on the moon and burgeoning tourism by now.  Alas man hasn’t set foot on […]


“It isn't all over; everything has not been invented; the human adventure is just beginning”  – Gene Rodenberry   I’d been waiting to fly the Antares all summer. The first rocket I’d ever launched, it stood over a foot tall, an inch in diameter, red fins swept back at its base like red fletching on […]

Worldbuilding in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Worldbuilding.  It’s a term that gets bandied about quite a bit when discussing fiction, especially in genres like science fiction and fantasy, but for all the endless times it is repeated, I think sometimes the importance is overlooked. It’s very fashionable to say things like, “character development is the important thing,” or “it’s the story […]