Who’s the most EPIC villain in a sci-fi book or series?


This week we want your votes and submissions for the most EPIC villain/group of villains, in a sci-fi book or series.

Every great sci-fi book needs to have a villain. The more evil the better. Often entire armies enrage us with their decimation of innocent people. From the most well-written, to the most devious, whatever you decide makes a villain great, we want to know who comes out on top of your list!

Weigh in on the poll below (feel free to add your own suggestions) and then duke it out in the comments!

Who is the most EPIC villain/group of villains, in a sci-fi book or series?
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  1. Simon Walker
    Simon Walker says:

    It has to be the puppeteers, the villains are abject cowards and use everyone and everything to do their dirty work; all whilst you’re sat thinking they’re not all that bad!

  2. Maria Korsman
    Maria Korsman says:

    I’ve already voted but do some of the doctor who villains count? The Daleks? Cybermen? Weeping angels are all pretty epic villains.


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