What’s your pick for the top Starship Captain in a sci-fi book/series?


Our brave, noble and quick-thinking Starship Captains have a much tougher job than anyone here in the “real world.” Captaining massive ships through time and space, the fate of entire planets, species and galaxies often rest in their hands. The leaders of rag-tag crews, a truly great Starship Captain must lead with integrity and tact, and maybe even a dash of humor to keep things light when faced with eradication by an endless stream of intergalactic enemies.

This week we want your votes and submissions for the the top Starship Captains in a sci-fi book or series.

Weigh in on the poll below (feel free to add your own suggestions) and then duke it out in the comments!

What's your pick for the top Starship Captain in a sci-fi book/series?
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  1. Thomas M. Aldridge
    Thomas M. Aldridge says:

    To be a truly great starship captain they need a thorough understanding of the vessel and the crew. Mix understanding with tolerance and discipline.

  2. Dennis Schamp
    Dennis Schamp says:

    While this is a star-faring opera series, the starships follow British Naval rules. Watching young Seafort grow from a lowly plebe into the commander, captain, then admiral of Earth’s fleet is an amazing saga. Nothing against the other captains mentioned (especially Mal Reynolds, my second choice), but I feel this series has something for everyone.

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    Bishop and exfor are great, but he’s not a top Capt. Skippy does everything, Joe just comes up with “dumb” ideas. It makes for great reading but it doesn’t fit the pole.

  4. Darcy
    Darcy says:

    Hal Spacejock is a bit of a good, but when he needs to he can put up his dukes and fight with the best of them (as long as Clunk has his back).

  5. Bob
    Bob says:

    Come on guys, Cal Carver from Space Team needs your votes.
    He is by far the best, dysfunctional and brave captain in any universe. Finger guns and high fives to Cal Carver… and the Sapace Team.

    • dmk
      dmk says:

      Cal doing well, despite being hidden at the bottom. But then, that’s classic Cal Carver, doing well despite the odds… And ability.


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