Meet Joshua Dalzelle

Joshua Dalzelle grew up in a small, rural town and joined the US Air Force as a teenager to see the world and work in aviation, one of his enduring passions. After his first enlistment as an avionics technician on B-1B bombers, he left the military and worked in the aerospace industry in various capacities while earning a master’s degree in aeronautical science. During this time, he continued to write as a hobby, occasionally submitting a short story or novel for publication.

In 2012 he discovered indie publishing so he dusted off the dream of being a writer one more time and in 2013 released his first published novel. He has since left the engineering field and has dedicated himself fully to being a writer and storyteller. Josh is an Iraq War veteran and currently lives with his wife and son in Ohio where he spends his free time working on classic cars and volunteering for veteran causes.

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