What’s the Best Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Book or Story of All Time?

It's time for the next poll!

We've been talking about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic sci-fi recently, so let's hear what some of your top favorites are. This week you can nominate and vote for as many as you like, next week we'll do the top ten. It's true that there are some classics out there, but let's try and think outside the box a little, if we can!

We base our lists on the votes and nominations from this blog and our Facebook group, and we want to hear your opinion!

What’s the Best Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Book or Story of All Time?
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  1. Margret Rosenberg
    Margret Rosenberg says:

    Emergence, by David R. Palmer. Originally published in paperback by Bantam, November, 1984, and currently available in electronic format from Baen Books.

    • Peter Steiner
      Peter Steiner says:

      Thank you for posting the update, Margret! I read that book when it was first published; and I’ve been hoping it would show up in digital form.

  2. Ann Kilburn
    Ann Kilburn says:

    Ginger Booth’s Calm Act Feral America and Calm Act Genesis series.
    Angela White’s Life After War series.
    Hugh Howey’s Wool series

  3. Lynn Hallbrooks
    Lynn Hallbrooks says:

    There are a lot of great series and books out there. If we are thinking outside the box, try Eternal Frontier series by Anthony J. Melchiorri. I say that because at first, it doesn’t seem apocalyptic but as you read further you see the scale on which things could unfold. Series is still in progress.

    By the way, I think above should read The Tide series by Anthony J. Melchiorri. An awesome series that I really enjoyed from start to finish.

    Orbs series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is an underrated Post-Apocalyptic series that could be considered out of the box thinking as well.

  4. Michael Torgersen
    Michael Torgersen says:

    I loved King’s “The Stand”, also “War of the Worlds”. My favorite is Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

    • PhantomVorlon
      PhantomVorlon says:

      I have the box set for Slow Burn (books 1-9). I will enjoy them. I read The Last Survivors. I enjoyed the fact that the story was not superficial. Wonderful characters and a rich deep plot.

  5. PhantomVorlon
    PhantomVorlon says:

    When I think of apocalypse, zombies come to mind. Call me crazy, but I think that deep down inside, everybody knows its just a matter of time before the zombie apocalypse. Some may be in denial though.

    I think the real question here is, should a book be able to make you cry (Man tears though, of course keeping to the man code.)? The following series will make you laugh, cry, and even on occasion get you angry:
    Mark Tufo – Zombie Fallout
    John O’Brian – A New World
    RR Haywood – The Undead


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